Digital ID

Siemens issues digital certificates ("Certificates", also known as "Digital IDs") to its employees and agents, to its known business partners and to Siemens web sites in accordance with its "Siemens Issuing CA“.

Certification Authority ("CA") contact information
Siemens AG
CT CYS, Attn. Siemens Issuing CA(s)
81739 Munich
Federal Republic of Germany

Certificate Problem Reports to be reached out to:?certificate-problem-report[AT]siemens[DOT]com

(For external use only – Siemens Employees can get support at?





Certificate Policy / Certification Practice Statement (“CP/CPS”)

CA and repository, licenses, confidentiality and audit
The Siemens PKI is classified as critical IT infrastructure of the company and was audited and certified in accordance with ETSI EN 319 411-1 v1.2.0

Limited warranty and disclaimer / Limitation of liability
Included in Siemens Certificate Policy ("CP").

CA Certificates
Siemens has made the Siemens CA(s) Certificates available for downloading. Please find an overview of the structure and different CA Certificates in?Siemens PKI CA Hierarchy (PDF).

Certificate Revocation Lists
Siemens has made the Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL(s)) below for Certificates issued by the Siemens Issuing CA(s) available for downloading.

Certificate Test Site
The Siemens CA provides a certificate test site for all valid Issuing CAs under?

Public Certificate Repository
Siemens operates a publicly accessible Certificate Repository. In the Certificate Repository the Certificates of the Siemens PKI are stored. The Certificate Repository is available on the Internet to enable the exchange of secure e-mails with Siemens.
The Certificate Repository offers an?Online Search?for Siemens certificates. To retrieve Certificates directly from the Certificate Repository, it must be set up and configured as LDAP directory in the respective e-mail encryption program.

Access? ? ? ?Domain Name? ? ? ?IP-Address? ? ? ? ? ??Port? ? Search Base
Siemens? ? ? ? 389? ? o=trustcenter

Authentication with Siemens PKI

PGP certificates in the Certificate Repository
The Certificate Repository also contains the Siemens PGP certificates. It can be used with all PGP clients supporting LDAP.

European Bridge CA
Siemens is a member of the?European Bridge CA.

The European Bridge CA operates a virtual Directory Service. Certificates of participants from different companies can be called up via this Directory Service.
To use the Bridge-CA Repository it must be set up and configured as an LDAP directory the respective e-mail encryption program:

Access? ? Domain Name? ? ? ? IP-Address? ? ? ? ?Port? ? Search Base
EBCA? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?389? ? ?o=ebca

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